Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Emails disappearing from a BlackBerry?

I've had this one happen to me a couple of times recently and wanted to share what to do about it. As I posted a couple of days ago, I installed Guitar Hero III for the BlackBerry. It's a pretty neat little application even with the half of a song they give you on the trial. But I noticed something Friday night....I lost all of my email from the week on the BlackBerry! The server copy was intact, just the local ones on the BlackBerry.
Well, the easy answer is....uninstall stuff from your BlackBerry to free up memory. Sure, all those Google apps and Yahoo! to Go are cool, but they eat memory on the handheld and when the memory pool is low, email is the first thing to go. Not sure how much memory you have left on your BlackBerry? Simple.
  • Options
  • Status
  • and then note File Free. That's the amount in bytes left on your BlackBerry.
After uninstalling a couple of Google apps and Monopoly, mail started saving again. It would be nice if you could install applications to run off of the memory card I installed in the device. Hopefully thats on the road map for the future.


MegatonMaynard said...

It's all Cheney I'm sure

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