Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Invalid Time or Date Encountered - The Sequel!

Back in November shortly after I upgraded to Domino 7.0.3, I ran across the problem that others were also experiencing with the upgrade. Mail would queue up for individuals and not deliver to their mail files. The message on the server console would always be:
11/12/2007 05:27:27 PM Invalid Time or Date Encountered
I had blogged about what I did to fix it, but this time those fixes didn't fix it. Had to take further steps to get things working. Support says that running fixup on the database will resolve the issue. Not always so. If you are running on a clustered environment with transaction logging and the users have a laptop with a local replica of their mail, you then have several other layers of "stuff" working against you. While you can get a hotfix from support, I am doing the following to fix this error. Since it's happened to two users within the past 24 hours.
1. Delete all other replicas of the mail file. Both on the laptop and the cluster server.
2. Run fixup without the -J switch even though it's using transaction logging. I tried several time with the -J and it did not fix it until I ran fixup without the switch.
3. Once mail is flowing to the mail file, then recreate the replicas.

I was on with support yesterday about this issue and it will be fixed with FP1, 7.0.4 or with the for mentioned hotfix . For now, it's just a pain in the butt.

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