Monday, February 25, 2008

Autism has a new voice

I was catching up on my Twitters from over the weekend and noticed one that was posted by Chris Miller about an Autistic girl that uses her computer to communicate with her family. That just blew my mind because there has been many times that I know Alex is trying really hard to say how he feels inside about something but can't always get it out. Up until a couple of years ago I would often look at him and could almost see two people. The Alex I see on the surface and then the one hidden deep down below attempting to be heard, screaming to get out like in some strange sci-fi flick. He's gotten much better over the years, usually giving me a "smart aleck" response when we are talking, but I've learned thats how he communicates. Anyways, it was just really great to see another child finding their voice in the prison of Autism, even if its with the help of a computer.
Click here to read about and watch the ABC News video.

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