Friday, January 11, 2008

Wow! Don't forget to fill out the evaluations this year, buddy!

I'm reading over on Ed's blog this morning that all session evaluations will be done online this year. No more ripping the pages out of your notebook at the end of the session. Nice move in my opinion for IBM. While I don't consider myself a "tree hugger", I do see the value in using electronic means to communicate instead of paper to save resources. But there is an added plus to making sure that you get your evaluations in. Not only does it provide feedback to the presenter and to IBM, if you submit a minimum of fifteen completed evaluations you can be eligible for a drawing for one of 5 complimentary registrations for the next Lotusphere. Wow! That's one heck of an incentive!
The URL for the survey website it Submit 'em early and often!

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