Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank you nice lady....whoever you are

We all have our daily routines in the morning. Most people stop to get a coffee at their favorite gas station/restaurant/coffee shop. For me, it's the McDonald's drive-thru to get my large unsweetened ice tea. No sugar, no lemon, just plain old ice tea. My daily source of caffeine.
So like many mornings before and many more to come I pulled up to the drive-thru to order and was told to pull around to the first window. At the window, the girl leaned out to tell me that the women in the car behind me had instructed her that she was buying. Confused, I turn around to try and see who it is. But because of the darkness and her headlights in my eyes, I couldn't see. I yelled out a "Thank You!" and pulled up to the next window looking in the mirror to try and figure out who it is. After getting my cup from the second window, I pulled up ahead off to the side to wait for them to pass and get an idea who it was. Seconds later she passed by, shoots me a wave and drives off. Didn't recognize the car or person, so I returned the wave and drove off myself.

So whoever you are, thank you again!

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