Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am the old man

Okay. I'm 38 fraking years old. Being 15 and having my parents driving me and a date to a school dance does not seem all that long ago. Yet, now I am the one driving my 15 year old son and his date to a school dance. But there I was tonight, taking them to the dance and then waiting in the parking lot of the school at 10:30 waiting for the dance to end so I could take them home. Okay, it probably doesn't help listening to Sirius 8, "The Big 80's" almost exclusively on the satellite radio, (when I'm not listening to Howard or Bubba), so at least a part of me can still live in my teenage years of the 80's. It just doesn't seem all that long ago!
But I guess it is. I am now the "old man" doing the chauffeur duty. But this was the silver lining to an otherwise crummy week of food poisoning, emergency rooms and rescheduled early flights home from destinations far away. This was Alex's first date and I think they had fun.

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Sean Burgess said...

The only thing more discouraging is when you have to teach them to drive and give them the keys to the car.