Sunday, January 13, 2008

DWA 8.0.1 from

Wow! Have you taken a look yet at the "lite" version of DWA 8.0.1?

Talk about a nice clean interface for web users! And if you haven't been to yet, what are you waiting for!? There is a lot of neat stuff to play with up there! We can officially say now that it's less then a week until the party begins!


Bruce said...


How is it performing for you? What you do like and don't you like about it?

Andy Donaldson said...

Hey Bruce,
It's working great for me connecting over the cable internet. Fast loading,very "clean". Straight forward interface, not a whole lot for folks to mess with or get lost in. Only drawback I see so far is no access from there to the Out of Office settings. But outside of that, I really see the value in this for folks that just needs quick and easy email access.