Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And that's my que...

This week two of my biggest fears with regards to business travel hit back to back. Me getting sick on the road and something happening to my family while I'm on the road. If you've been following the old "House O' Blog" this week looking for a plethora of Lotusphere information you know that we've been sidetracked by the food poisoning saga. Now the other shoe dropped.
Today at school, Molly was knocked down and fell into a bookcase hitting it with her front teeth causing the bone that those teeth are attached to to break. I got the phone call from Denise that started with "Before I say anything else, I want you to know that everyone is okay..." Never a good way to start a conversation. She was telling me that Molly had to go in for oral surgery to put in a brace and wire it up so that bone would reattach. She made it through the surgery like a trooper, but as of a little while ago she is in a lot of pain and just plain miserable.
So, I'm on a plane home a day earlier. Flights out at noon tomorrow, so I won't be hitting any sessions tomorrow. Not much I can do there, except be there. But that is all that really matters.

Adios Lotusphere. Let's try this again next year.