Thursday, December 27, 2007

I've come to a conclusion

We have bad luck with holidays this year. First, there was the trip to Michigan at Thanksgiving and Molly having strep. Then, I thought we made it through Christmas okay. Well, that was until 11:00 PM on Christmas Day. Molly woke up and came out from her bedroom and then proceeded to violently evacuate Christmas dinner from her. (White burber carpet and that just do not mix. The steam cleaner has gotten a workout today.) Not soon after, I fell prey to the dreaded bug. Luckily, not as bad as Molly. Then, Denise got it too. Meanwhile, 'ole "Iron Gut" Alex is un-phased. I think he played it smart. Either staying downstairs playing the Wii or in his room working on some new software he got this Christmas.
And I thought this week off work would be nice and quiet. Who was I kidding. ;-)


Robin S. said...

Nerdalicious' family had it to...two weeks before Christmas with Nerdalicious kicking off the big event with every bad thing one could get with such a bug! the other two family members fared slightly having only the barfing, the other having only the other grossness. I even begged my neighbor, one of my closest friends, to come smother me with a pillow while I was sleeping. I was dismayed to awake from my nap still alive.

Hope your holidays weren't too nasty because of it!
All the best,

Andy Donaldson said...

Wasn't too bad in the end. Just a bummer because it killed some prime vacation time with the kids. There's always next year ;)

Happy New Year Robin!