Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vote for Pedro!

Well, not for Pedro, but for your favorite Notes/Domino blogger.

The Blogger Awards recognize the importance of blogging to the Lotus world and celebrates the contribution of bloggers to the Lotus community.

The Lotus community has an astonishing number of folks who dedicate their time, effort, and wit to keep the rest of us informed about Lotus technology, events, news, and everything else that's going with Lotus (and sometimes technology in general). It's true that all bloggers provide a valuable contribution and an important service to the community, but the Best Blogger Award will go to the blogger who our members think has provided exceptional information, education and community support through his or her blog in an entertaining (or engrossing) format and style.

Beginning on November 19, 2007 members of can log on to our site and nominate their favorite blogger, who they feel best meets our qualifications, from among the hundreds of bloggers in our community. Nominations will be open from November 19 – December 17, 2007, log in and vote for your favorite blogger!

Like they used to say in Chicago, vote early and often ;-)

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