Friday, September 7, 2007

Absent lately

I haven't been too much in a blogging mood the past couple of weeks, just been uber busy around the office. I've been assigned to a project that I can't go too deep into the details of here, but let's just say that it has been taking a lot of my time. It involves dealing with and talking to a lot of different vendors and you know when that happens your brain can easily turn into mush. I'm hoping that another week or two of this should clear things up, and then I can get back into full-on Domino Admin stuff, like studying for and passing my 702 test! I had set a goal to take, (and pass), the test by the end of August. Oops, didn't make that one happen. I just want to get to it before Lotusphere though so I don't feel the pressure to do it down there.
Speaking of Lotusphere, I think I finally got the registration thing taken care of. They company sent out the right invoice with the right address and we got things taken care of there. Word has it from Turtle's Lotusphere2008 blog that the Dolphin is already waitlisted. Wow!

Well, that's it for a Friday night here in good old Ohio. Next weekend is the big Civil War reenactment weekend over in Zoar! It's an awesome bi-annual event that brings in a lot of reenactors from all over the country. Okay, just to clear up any confusion, there were no battles in Ohio, let alone Zoar, during the Civil War outside of Confederate General John Morgan's raids up the Ohio River. So if your into that sort of thing, be sure to look at my Flickr next weekend for pics. Since I am within walking distance to it now, there will likely be a whole lot of them. As for this weekend, we're helping our friend Jen at the Medina Renaissance Faire. But for now, I'm off to bed.

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