Saturday, August 25, 2007

Message recall made fun! (not)

All I wanted to do Friday night was eat pizza and watch The Venture Brothers with the wife. Never works out that way.

Shortly after getting home from work last night, my BlackBerry started playing the "Dukes of Hazzard" theme song. Since I wasn't playing with my ring tones that meant only one thing, I had a phone call. It was the on call Help Desk guy. According to him, someone had sent out a 10 MB email to the entire IS department and it had some sensitive data in it. So I break out the laptop and VPN in to try and remedy the situation. Now as we all know, Notes/Domino 8 has the recall feature built into it but since I have no plans to look at that on an enterprise level until next year, that wasn't an option. Instead I was going to use one of my third party tools on hand to try and find/delete the message from all the mailboxes. That was the plan anyway. Since the tools runs off a desktop, I connected into my other workstation at the office and try to run the search from there. That would have been a great plan except that I couldn't find the message. I was using the subject search to try and find it, but after repeated attempts it couldn't be found! Of course I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to individually open a lot of mail files and remove the email that way. I guess that's what led me to the crazy idea of opening the client on the server and try to run the search from there. I know, you are never suppose to run nlnotes.exe on the server. After about and hour or so of trying different search stings, the Notes client on the server red-screened, which of course caused the server to crash. Okay, I'll have to kill Domino and reboot the server, not a big deal. I was wrong. After about 10 minutes, I could ping the server but not connect to it and from what I could tell, Domino wasn't coming up. Pulled the shoes on and rushed out the door. Mind you, I still haven't deleted the message from the mail files and it's starting to get late. When I got to work, the server was up and running happily of course like nothing had happened. After several choice words and looking through the event viewer, I found that PcAnywhere had not started properly and had caused the server to hang on start up. I sometimes really hate Symantec. Since I was always already there, I dove back into trying to delete that dreaded email. I tried another variation of the search string, but this time it had found it. Before I knew it, it was 11:30 and I headed back home. So much for a relaxing Friday night.
We made up for that today though. We took the kids to lunch and then to see "Evan Almighty". I was really surprised by the movie. I loved it! For me, the message in that film hit me about us much as Kevin Smith's "Dogma" had when I saw it. But my thoughts on religion are best saved for another blog post. And of course to close out the day, I was finally able to eat my pizza and watch the Venture Brothers. We're almost through disc one of Season 1. Off to watch the rest now that the kids are in bed. The weekend isn't over yet!

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