Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If you registered early for LS08, you might want to read this

Ok, I admit it. I was all about jumping right on the band wagon and registering for Lotusphere 2008 right when it opened last Tuesday. Thought to myself that I would get registered up, get my room at the Dolphin and I would be good to go. I even took the confirmation email up to AP to have them send out the check to get it paid off. I thought I had everything covered. I thought that until yesterday.
My co-worker who had also registered last Tuesday had gotten a phone call from the company in charge of registration for the conference. It appears that we, along with 300 or so others, had actually registered on the development system and not the actual registration system. So when the registration system came online, our registrations were "lost". They had put the site up live, but with the development database. Harrumph! So, if you registered last Tuesday afternoon, take a look at your confirmation email and pay attention to the address on where and who to send the check. If it says "Lotusphere 2005" (I know, that should have been a HINT) and "Right Source", you are likely in the same boat as me. The company has already contacted me about it, but just in case you might want to double check your registration email.

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