Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Need suggestions

Okay, using Canton, OH as a center-point, I need ideas on where to go for a long weekend with the family. Must be under 4.5 hour drive. Ideas?


Gregg Eldred said...

Cincinnati. Excellent zoo, fantastic aquarium. And there is some sort of pirate exhibit there. Plus, you have Coney Island and King's Island for additional diversions.

Pittsburgh. Another excellent zoo and aquarium. Plenty to do downtown.

Frankenmuth, MI. A great destination. And you can hit Saginaw's boardwalk/Old City.

Dearborn. You know how much we like going up there. Henry Ford, IMAX, Greenfield Village, etc.

Niagara Falls. Nice ride, beautiful area. Be sure to drive up to Niagara-On-the-Lake. Very much worth it.

A little out of your circle: Hershey, PA.


Andy Donaldson said...

Good ideas, Gregg! Looks like after a family vote, we're going up north to Dearborn. Pics and blog entry's will of course follow.

Gregg Eldred said...

If this "Domino Thing" doesn't work out for me, I think I would do okay as a travel agent. :-) Really. I sent a note to Ray Bilyk a while back, and he hooked me up with the Fort Street Brewery (excellent food and beer, and very kid friendly). Like pizza? Buddy's is probably one of the best I have ever had (on Michigan Ave in Dearborn). Don't know where you plan on staying, but we usually go to Towne Place Suites on Mercury. Close to Henry Ford and a bunch of restaurants and shopping.

You can tell that we like that area. :-)

Have a great time!

Andy Donaldson said...

Thanks man! I grew up there, so we have our own list of favorite places. First and foremost, anything at any Coney Island. Then some other local haunts. I swear I gain weight anytime I cross the Ohio-Michigan border.