Tuesday, October 10, 2006

$&%#@! Spammers

If you use Spamhaus.org in your anti-spam fight, you may want to be aware of this!

From WEWS Cleveland's website

Anti-Spam Group Warns Of Flood Of E-Mail

POSTED: 8:24 am EDT October 10, 2006
Just when you thought it was safe to clean out your inbox -- there's a warning that more spam is headed your way. The anti-spam group Spamhaus Project said more junk e-mail may end up in your e-mail program. The reason: The group expects to lose its domain name in a dispute with a company it has accused of sending spam. Spamhaus officials said they expect a federal judge in Chicago will soon sign an order to suspend the spamhaus.org domain name. e360 Insight sought the order after Spamhaus refused to comply with a September ruling that required it to pay $11.7 million and post a notice on its Web site stating that e360 Insight is not a spammer. The United Kingdom-based group did not bother defending itself in the case, arguing that U.S. courts have no jurisdiction and that doing so would open the organization to a tidal wave of lawsuits by spammers that want to fight those who block their e-mails. The company refused to recognize the U.S. court and comply with a nearly $12 million judgment. The group warned that the court order could unleash up to 50 billion pieces of junk e-mails a day on computer users worldwide. However, both legal and technology experts are skeptical about the claim of a nationwide flood of e-mail.

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