Wednesday, October 25, 2006

SnTT - Using InstallShield Tuner Ver2 with SuSetRunasWizard.exe

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The information below is older data and was a little buggy. The above link contains the most up to date information. I'm keeping the below information alive for historical reasons for me :-)

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In the past, I have had several posts regarding the use of InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes and how well that product works with creating and implementing custom Notes installs for your organization. The only problem however is when you have a situation where your company has an IT policy in place that does not allow end users to install new software as themselves. In that case, you've had to rely upon something like Microsoft's SMS product to push the upgrade out and run it as a local or domain administrator. Well, not any more! With the release of Notes\Domino 7.0.2, IBM has released the SuSetRunAsWizard that will allow you to take your installation files, package them, and run it on a machine with whatever domain admin account you tell it to. So now, you can use the Smart Upgrade feature that is in Domino and leave SMS behind! WooHoo!
There is one thing that I want to point out that is also included in my documentation. InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes is available on both the R6 and R7 CD's. They are however two different versions. The version that shipped with Notes 6 CD is version 2 and on the R7 CD is version 6. For these steps, you need to use Version 2. The Version 6 IST, will create and run the installation without packaging it with the SuSetRunAsWizard.exe, but as soon as I package it, it will not run. I, along with my open PMR at support, are still trying to figure that out.
For now, you can download the .PDF I created here.

On a side note, OpenOffice rocks! You can use your OpenOffice Writer to open your Word documents, update them, and save them out as a .PDF without having to install the converter. Nice! An all running from the same USB drive that I'm using for Nomad!

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Dan said...


When you talk about the InstallShield Tuner version that shipped with Notes 6 CD, do you mean "any" version in the 6.x series upto and including the 6.5.5 version?



Andy Donaldson said...

Hi Dan,
Yes, any version of 6. If I remember correctly, Lotus told me that is version 2. I think I had installed it from 6.5.3, but the version hadn't changed until R7 came out. Good luck!