Sunday, October 8, 2006

Back from Vegas

Well, I made it back from my trip late Friday night. The town is a cool place to visit, but unless you are willing to part with large sums of cash there really isn't much else to do there. I was overwhelmed when we hit the streets to do some exploring after we landed. It was like Disney on acid. I didn't hit it big at the slots either, so that left me a little bitter. I also didn't have too much time to do much else beside go to the conference sessions and hit a couple of slots on the way between the sessions and my room.
Back to reality this week. Going to test the 7.0.2 server upgrade. Also need to test the SUSetRunAsWizard. Plus next weekend, I get to upgrade my mobile mail server that's used for Treo's and Palm devices. That one is long overdue. Last time I upgraded that server, it took 2 months to fix. Hopefully this time it will go better. You know, like it should.

Also, if you are wanting to test the new Nomad feature, OfficeMax has a special this week. A Sandisk Cruzer Micro 2GB Jump Drive for $39.99 special until 10/14/06. Instant rebate, no waiting. I'm looking to get one for just that reason.

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