Sunday, September 24, 2006


"Molly the Hobbit leads the quest!"
Wow! What a weekend, and boy did it go by fast. Friday night started off with Denise and I actually having a "date night". We finally got to go see Clerks II. I've been a big fan of Kevin Smith's movies and loved every single one of them. (Dogma is my all time favorite! I think you have to be Catholic to get a lot of the movie though) Outside of the movie, the nice part about Friday night was that we actually got to go and see a movie by ourselves without the kids. The joy!
Saturday we spent helping out friend Jen at the Renaissance Faire that was held at the Western Reserve Masonic Community in Medina, OH. Jen has been making costumes and period wear for some time now, and in my opinion, does a fantastic job. She puts a lot of work and a lot of care into what she does. If your interested, check out her website! You may find something you like! This was Jen's first time at having a booth at a festival and it really worked out great for her. She passed out a lot of cards and made some great contacts for future business. She was really nervous though going into Saturday, but by the afternoon she really fell into a groove and her and Denise were doing their best to work the tent. The kids had a great time at the festival. Alex has been wanting to see Knights joust, and they did not let him down! The two guys they had there REALLY went at it hard. Molly loved listening to the singers that roamed around the grounds. All in all, it was a fantastic day. But the weekend wasn't over there.
After mass today we went up to our favorite restaurant, Skyline, and had lunch with Kev, Shannon, Thing1 and Thing2. It's always great getting together with those guys. The kids had a great time talking to each other and we had a chance to catch up. Sure, we talk online all the time, but its much better face to face.
Well, now it's Sunday night and the Simpsons are on. Fun time is over and back to the reality of work tomorrow morning. Don't quote me on this, but a little bird told me that Notes/Domino 7.0.2 SHOULD be out this week. I hope so since it's September, and the month is over this week. Of course it will probably come out at the end of the week, and I'll have no time to play with it the following week since I'm going to a conference in Vegas. Never been to Vegas before, so this should be interesting ;-)

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