Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The Legend of Boggy Creek

If your like me, you've have had enough of any or all of the follow:
- Gas prices
- The war in Iraq
- Iran
- Israel defending herself
- Politics
- Generally all the B.S. going on in the world right now.
- Work
- Summer almost over

So when this happens, my advice is to find the most God-awful movie, and watch it. If I may be so bold to suggest one, I would suggest "The Legend Of Boggy Creek"

This is a movie that came out some time in the early to mid-70's. It's a "docu-drama" about the Boggy Creek area in Arkansas and the supposed Bigfoot that roamed the countryside. (Side note: If you ever get a chance to watch the Travel Channel special called "Bigfoot Town", it's around the same area, but much better and has some interesting information)
Like I said, there is nothing about this movie that will have you walk away an expert on Bigfoot. It may just kill a few brain cells in the process of watching it, but these days I think we could all use the distraction.

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Gregg Eldred said...

Speaking of bad - I came across Roadhouse last night. Want one of the lines? "Pain don't hurt." Sheesh.