Friday, June 30, 2006

Be Warned! Welcome To Wireless World

This was an interesting day. About 11:15, two of my mail servers started crashing over and over and over again. Not wanting to waste too much time, I put a call into support. I informed the screener that it was a system critical issue and that we were down. After 45 minutes of being on hold, I thought that was kind of weird. When, they picked up, the Lotus tech and I started looking at the problem. The two servers having the issue were my 7.0.1 and my 6.5.4 servers. When he looked into the NSD file, it turned out that a fix for bad MIME had not functioned correctly, and caused my servers to crash. While on the phone, the tech informed me that the queues were going nuts with system down calls. So, if your agent manager starts crashing like mad, at least you may know what it is.

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