Thursday, May 18, 2006

SnTT - Sametime on a BlackBerry

Yesterday, I "accidentally" upgraded my BES server to 4.1 from 4.0. In the end, everything worked correctly, so I decided that I would try to install and run the Enterprise Messenger for Lotus Sametime on my 8700g. The installation went okay, but when I tried to connect to the Sametime server, I kept getting "Error 302" on the device. I know the username and password is correct, so why wouldn't it work? Well, after a few Googles, I found that the following steps are needed.

1. On the server where Sametime is installed, open the stconfig.nsf.
2. In the left hand column, select All - By Form and Date.
3. Locate CommunityConnectivity, and edit the document there.
4. In the field for Community Trusted IPS, enter the IP address of your BlackBerry server.
5. Save and close.
6. Restart your Sametime server.
EDIT - I tried it after a couple of hours, starting working without a reboot!
I these steps from this thread on Notes.Net, and also on RIM's site.

PS - Don't ask me what "accidentally" means. I was being a moron ;-)

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