Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Space and Time

Ever play hookie from work on a school day? One of those days that the kids are in school and you and the wife have a list of errands to do? Well, that was us today. To celebrate the fact that we got our income tax return back from our pals in Washington, we decided that we needed a new couch for our downstairs family room. We dropped Molly off at school, jumped on the freeway and headed up to Akron. After stopping at the bank, I noticed that it was only 9:15. Seemed like it was almost noon. Then, by the time we got a few other things done and bought the couch, it was 11:00. Seemed like 2 in the afternoon by this point. Had lunch, and it was only 12:30. Seemed like 3. I guess my point is that when you are on a schedule that centers around school, and not around the 7-4 that you are use to with work...just seems weird. And nice for a change of pace. Especially today. The weather in NE Ohio was awesome. A little chilly, but awesome. The sun was out, the sky was pure blue, just a darn nice day. Tomorrow, back to work and the R7 thang.
We also bought the new Harry Potter movie on DVD. If theater owners are trying to figure out why they cannot get people in the seats to see a movie, I have the answer.
1. The picture on my $450 dollar TV and $40 DVD player is FAR superior to what is shown on the screen.
2. The $150 surround sound system I got on clearance a few years ago sounds a LOT better than anything I have heard at any theater.
3. I don't have to squeeze my wide butt into one of those seats, and then have someone else almost sitting on top of me. Which leads me to...
4. The fact that I will soon be able to lay my wide butt down on our new sectional, watch a movie and have it in surround sound, makes anything they have seem lame.


Gregg Eldred said...

The movie going experience:
1) At home, you don't have to sit through 30 minutes of ads prior to the move (and I am not talking about the trailers).
2) At home, I don't have to put up with hordes of kids running around.
3) At home, I don't have to put up with cell phones ringing.
4) At home, I don't pay for expensive concessions.
5) At home, my $20 Harry Potter DVD costs me, on the first viewing, $5 a person.

Basically, it is #1 that really kills my movie-going experience.

BTW - I love the new site design.

Andy Donaldson said...

Good point. I already paid $8 for the honor of sitting in the theater to view this first run film. I really don't feel like having commercials thrown at me before it starts. With HD TV's dropping more in price, theaters are going to be a thing of the past soon.
Thanks for the comment on the site. That map I put on Friday broke the format of the page in IE, but Firefox looked good. So, I decided to make some changes.

Gregg Eldred said...

I tried adding that map to my blog (attributing you for the link), but it was broken in IE. So, I never published that post.