Wednesday, January 4, 2006

First time at Lotusphere?

Fear not young traveler! Below is what I sent in an email to a friend of mine last night who is attending Lotusphere for the first time. It's "Andy's Lotusphere Guide"
1. Check out this website It's pretty much the "everything you wanted to know about going to Lotusphere" website. Good advice. The first FAQ has the best info.
2. Go and get yourself a new pair of tennis shoes NOW. Wear them and break them in now. This will save your feet some pain after the first day of walking around the conference.
3. Go to this website and download the Lotusphere schedule database there called It's a Journal database that contains the sessions and their descriptions. It has a handy add to calendar button. Very useful on planning your time. Especially great if you sync Notes with a mobile device.
4. If you need to, order more business cards now. You will go through a lot of them. Downside - Your phone will ring for a couple of weeks afterwards. Upside - You use them to win cool stuff like iPods!

Here are a few others I left out, but will tell her later
1. Meet people and make contacts. Very useful and fun.
2. Your first time there is like your first day at college. You will be wondering around wondering where in the hell SW10 is. Ask people! Or if you look lost enough, (like I did my first year), someone will help you out.
3. Go to the vendor sponsored events at night. They are always a lot of fun, (and saves you from having to find something for dinner that fits your expense account).
4. If you are certified take advantage of the Certification Lounge. Hang out, get some eats, and get a chair message.

Well, that's that for now. If I left anything out, feel free to put it in the comments!

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