Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Too funny to pass up

This past weekend, I attended a Civil War reenactment in Zoar, Oh. Now, anyone from the area knows that there was never any battles fought in Northern Ohio. Well, there was Col. Morgan and his raid up the Ohio river in July 1863. The guy made it as far as the Youngstown area, not bad. I love going to these things. The guys who do this don't do it for money, (it costs them a lot to do it), or anything else. They only thing they want to do is continue to tell the story of an important chapter in American history that has been water down by time and Hollywood. While there, I overheard someone say that they heard that a group of Trekkers got involved with a reenactment. I finally had some time to look it up this morning, and I found it. This first story is a quick funny read. This second one has pictures.

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